Corvus sanzuwu roosting in the Fusang mulberry tree. This was my submission for the round-robin style journal project hosted by Strathmore in 2014. The Pass the Journal project consisted of several Strathmore sketch journals being mailed all over the world to be passed around by various artists and filled with artwork. My submission was a mixed media illuminated painting.

This was a design requested by Rachel’s Forest Lavender Farm. They desired a highly detailed art nouveau-style poster look. An intricately braided lavender topiary frames a picture of their daughter and the family dog.

A trinity of woodpeckers considers a deeper meaning in the woods.

“Saturday Evening Burgers” is a nod to old Saturday Evening Post illustrations. It’s fan art for Stranger Things. Benny Hammond feeds a hungry but reticent Eleven burgers. Benny was my favorite and I wasn’t satisfied with his brief appearance so I created this mixed media painting to ease my pain, haha!

Cephalopods are way fun to paint! The title of this piece is Salsa the Octopus.

I love asian dragons . . . in case that isn’t obvious yet . . .

I recently completed an illustration called “Sandman”. It is a mixed media of ink and gouache on illustration board. Earth colored skies billow with thick ochre clouds in the world of the slumbering.