Belladonna flies high in the sky with her familiars. In 2013 illustrator Frank Riccio and I collaborated on an edition of miniature popup books. The concept grew from our curiosity with European poison gardens and the observation that Atropa belladonna (Deadly Nightshade) and Datura stramonium (Hells Bells or Thorn Apple) were sisters in the Solonaceae family.

Poison Sisters is a miniature pop-up book that is 2" x 3" but contains a dreamscape full of magic!

Arbouricon I is a one of a kind artist book constructed from meticulously hand cut paper and oiled wooden book covers.

"Where I’m From” Booklet Design Illustrations 2018 – The Virginia Humanities commissioned a series of illustrations for a booklet called “Where I’m From.” The booklet materials were dispersed throughout the Albemarle County Schools and children filled out the prompts mad-libs-style. After folding and assembling the booklet, they would each have a completed book that told a little of each child’s personal history.