My design won a regional finalist spot in the Sheetz Fleet Design Competion of 2018. It was hard not to get hungry working on this piece!

This logo was completed for St. Brigid Press. Planet Poetry journals allow the inspired traveler to record their adventures in style!

Campbell’s Berry Farm of Maryland wanted a logo design with an ultra cute blueberry. How can anyone resist such a cute little guy?

Géant Ferré is a personal project. I wanted to create a fake beer company inspired by Andre the Giant.

The winning poster for the Panera Breast Cancer Awareness Poster Contest! Woohoo!

This was a large linoleum block carved for the James River Artisan Festival to make posters.

Fifty Shades of Butternut. There. I said it. This was put together as a class assignment to advertise a vegetable in a brochure. When the professor said not to pick an “unattractive” vegetable like a butternut squash or potato I knew what I had to do…

You should totally try this recipe. It’s tres yum!

This was a powerful piece to create and had work on so many different levels. This was a 2012 class assignment to create a faux article for the New York Times Magazine.

It was a real honor to be able to work on this project and get to know the sad tale of the father of modern computing.

This is the box lid I designed for the VABC’s Notions project. They got a polymer plate made from my drawing and printed off nice letterpress labels to go on top of the hat boxes that contained the annual group project.

This is the title plate for the Tree of Life 2016 print exchange I proposed and managed. The text is polymer plate but the tree was printed from a linocut block.

I just finished this band poster for a Scottish guitarist. I really love the electric blue pallet and smoldering orange. I drew his hands from a photograph he provided. Detailed hand drawing is becoming my thing.