The winning poster for the Panera Breast Cancer Awareness Poster Contest! Woohoo!

This is a band poster for a Scottish guitarist. I really love the electric blue pallet and smoldering orange. I drew his hands from a photograph he provided. Detailed hand drawing is becoming my thing.

My design won a regional finalist spot in the Sheetz Fleet Design Competion of 2018. It was hard not to get hungry working on this piece!

Here is the Mikro Systems Christmas card design I did for their 2020 holiday. The company's branding color was a very vibrant red so it gave a very toasty feel despite the snow! The looming micron emblem in the globe glass is actually the company's logo.

Here is the Mikro Systems Christmas card design I did for their 2021 holiday. The company was in the process of transitioning as it was bought out by another corporation. The new corporation's branding was a navy blue. The color lent itself to a snowy silent night scene that was very cozy. The micron emblem in the globe glass is actually the company's original logo and I left it there for the original team's appreciation.

This logo was completed for St. Brigid Press. Planet Poetry journals allow the inspired traveler to record their adventures in style!

I created illustrations for a book project for the Virginia Humanities. Regional schools used it to help kids create a biography for themselves. There are the instructions I illustrated to show how to assemble the book from a single sheet of paper.

My friends at Baggby's needed a new look for their rewards card. I was excited to give them an update! I included the look and texture of their signature brown paper bag and created a vector of a sandwich for their rewards icon. We stuck to the company's original logo and branding colors but created a layout and design that would be easily recognizable by customers.

Fifty Shades of Butternut. There. I said it. This was put together as a class assignment to advertise a vegetable in a brochure. When the professor said not to pick an “unattractive” vegetable like a butternut squash or potato I knew what I had to do…

You should totally try this recipe. It’s tres yum!

This was a powerful piece to create and had work on so many different levels. This was a 2012 class assignment to create a faux article for the New York Times Magazine.

It was a real honor to be able to work on this project and get to know the sad tale of the father of modern computing.

This was a large linoleum block carved for the James River Artisan Festival to make posters.

This is the title plate for the Tree of Life 2016 print exchange I proposed and managed. The text is polymer plate but the tree was printed from a linocut block.